Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain is a time of processions, mourning and celebration and Mallorca is no different!

Maundy Thursday - A slow procession is made through the streets by men in robes and conical hoods carrying religious figures in the form of statues. The procession starts early evening (the biggest one being in Palma, but most towns hold their own) and won't finish before midnight. The ghostly sound of the drums beating and the slow purposeful footsteps will echo through the streets. It's quite a sight, if a little intense, but not to be missed!

Good Friday - This is the day of the re-enactment of The Passion of Christ and the best example of this is in Pollenca, where the figure (when we lived there a real person acted the part) of Christ is carried down the 365 Calvari steps and through the old town. It's a very moving procession to watch.

Easter Sunday - The reunion of the resurrected Christ and his mother is acted out through the streets during a more joyful procession. This day is celebrated with certain foods, like Cocques (similar to pizza with a thin base and veggies/onions on top) and cocarrois (pastries in the shape of a crescent filled with pine nuts, raisins and veggies) and various others, including sweets for the children!

So if you're planning a trip to Mallorca during the Easter period you're definitely in for a treat - just be prepared for various street processions and some local restaurants/shops may be closed including the museums on the Bank Holidays (which are Thurs, Fri and Monday in Spain)

Don't forget to take your camera!

We all know that Mallorca is a beautiful and extremely popular holiday destination - great for families in particular. But this beautiful island can offer something for every taste, apart from the usual sightseeing must-do’s… Here are a few ideas to get your travel juices flowing!

* If you want to combine sunshine with wellness, how about trying a yoga retreat and if you’re looking to improve your overall fitness then check out @thebodycampmallorca

where you can indulge yourself in wall to wall health with beautiful food and great classes whilst staying in beautiful surroundings and receiving expert tailored advice.

* If you’re travelling solo but don’t want to miss out on those all important Insta moments you can even hire an Instagram guide around Palma who will take beautiful photos of you throughout the city so you’ll always have those Mallorca memories!

* Love horse riding? There are some great companies who offer tailored hacks from the beautiful countryside to the turquoise blue seas - ride for a few hours or make it an overnight experience!

* Fancy getting back to nature? Stay in one of many amazing Agroturismos (farm stays) on the Island and get up close and personal with the local animals, eat food grown and prepared on site and relax in some beautiful boutique accommodation. They’re great value for money too!

* If you’re a foodie like me, maybe you’d like to take a tour around Palma by night, gaining an insider’s knowledge and tips on the hottest places to go along with all of the fascinating history, followed by a stop off at a local tapas bar for some refuelling!

With hiking/cycling tours, yoga sessions, cooking workshops and even free diving lessons to boot - you really can create (with a little help from MapmyMallorca!) your dream holiday within this idyllic setting!

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I met this guy recently outside one of the cafes in the beautiful village of Fornalutx in the mountains of Mallorca. He was feeding sausages to the street cats. I had asked him if I could take a photo of one of the cats next to him and a lovely conversation followed about how he looks after and feeds the Fornalutx street cats.They often suffer with eye/ear infections and he takes them to the vets for treatment and ensures they're fed every day.

These cats follow him around like he's the Pied Piper!

What a lovely thing to do, sparing his time and money to care for these cats and kittens who would otherwise almost certainly suffer. Look out for him in the cafe square next time you're in Fornalutx!

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