Semana Santa in Mallorca - Who's going at Easter?

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain is a time of processions, mourning and celebration and Mallorca is no different!

Maundy Thursday - A slow procession is made through the streets by men in robes and conical hoods carrying religious figures in the form of statues. The procession starts early evening (the biggest one being in Palma, but most towns hold their own) and won't finish before midnight. The ghostly sound of the drums beating and the slow purposeful footsteps will echo through the streets. It's quite a sight, if a little intense, but not to be missed!

Good Friday - This is the day of the re-enactment of The Passion of Christ and the best example of this is in Pollenca, where the figure (when we lived there a real person acted the part) of Christ is carried down the 365 Calvari steps and through the old town. It's a very moving procession to watch.

Easter Sunday - The reunion of the resurrected Christ and his mother is acted out through the streets during a more joyful procession. This day is celebrated with certain foods, like Cocques (similar to pizza with a thin base and veggies/onions on top) and cocarrois (pastries in the shape of a crescent filled with pine nuts, raisins and veggies) and various others, including sweets for the children!

So if you're planning a trip to Mallorca during the Easter period you're definitely in for a treat - just be prepared for various street processions and some local restaurants/shops may be closed including the museums on the Bank Holidays (which are Thurs, Fri and Monday in Spain)

Don't forget to take your camera!

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